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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What makes you beautiful

Had done a compilation of the trips to Rompin from 2011.  Let the video do the talking...

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Beginner's Luck

Sometimes you just have to believe that beginner's luck is very true. I had fished for so long at kelongs and I have never caught a grouper of this size before on a kelong...

This was caught by my brother who rarely fish and had only been to kelong once. This was his second time and he caught this bugger at Chia Soon kelong. It was his first drop using live prawn with hand line some more -.-

So to commemorate my brother's beginner's luck, I volunteered to be the main cook for this fish.

As you can see from the poor quality photo, I'm not a very frequent main cook. Anyway in case you are wondering, this is Thai style steam fish. It may not look good but the taste was quite refreshing. There are plenty of rooms for improvement though.

The dinner was good, thanks to my brother :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mirror Mirror who is the biggest of us all

This trip started with a bad news. One of our fishing kakis was down with diarrhea last minute and was unable to join us. Since we are always the usual gang, with one angler left behind, our morale was hit badly but it did not deter us from what we were going to hunt for.

We packed our gears and feelings and set off for Rompin in search of the Diamond Trevally aka Chermins.

This time round, we didn't manage to book the Riverside Chalet, instead we got a nearby terrace house. It was of course more expensive as it comes with full facilities such as a living room with sofa and TV with Astro, free WIFI, a kitchen with some basic cutlery, a bar top and 3 bedrooms that can sleep 7 person altogether.

The TV with Astro with WIFI set on top.

The comfortable sofa where you can tie your rigs together with your kakis while watching EPL.

The kitchen with basic cutlery and a mini bar-top for a nice cold beer after a day of fishing.

There are 3 similar size bed rooms. One of the bed rooms has an attached bathroom. There are 2 bed rooms with 2 single beds and 1 bed room with a queen size/ double deck bed.

This was our most luxurious trip so far, since there were only 3 of us, we got to have a room of our own. No more snoring endurance required :)

With our rods all rigged up, jigs and lures all prepared, we were ready for our hunting...

First day's spot was the universal Rompin's chermin spot, as almost all the fishing boats in Rompin came to park here, and I think maybe some even from Pekan.

This place was quite productive, all the boats had their share of chermins but it was like a war zone. As the initial burst of Chermin is always very strong and fast, sometimes the lines from one boat would be entangled with the other. It's worse when the angler was using very light drag. Once a while the entanglement would involve 3 boats and the anchor rope, it was like fishing in a very big commercial pond.

But the chermins here are mostly juvenile like this...


Once a while there were bigger ones like these...

but they were still not the ones that we are here for. Furthermore, they were quite reluctant to take jigs, all of them were caught using live prawns.

So next day we requested to venture into where the mama chermins were. 

When we reached the spot on the second day, we were greeted by "boiling effects". Our hopes were high.

Looks like a potential popping spot to me...

The difference between this spot compared to the spot yesterday was that the chermins were not interested in live prawns. Live prawns could only produce result like this, which was not bad considering we had to get something for our dinner.

Then finally we hit what we were here for...

a 7 kg chermin on Surecatch lumo jig!

That was the highlight for the whole morning. Everything was quiet except for some actions from juvenile Tengirri which was sashimi on the spot. 

As usual we had our favourite appetizer on board the boat. Not many people dare to give it a try though, including the well-seasoned captain and his deckie. Well we enjoyed it more every time we prepared it because our skills were improving every trip. Like how to prepare the  ingredients, how to slice the fish fillet, how long to season the fish, etc.

The presentation may look primitive but let me tell you, the taste was restaurant standard. If you are curious on how to prepare this, maybe you can join me on a trip, catch a YFT and I will gladly show it to you :)

In the afternoon when our hands were dead tired from jigging, the second highlight of the day came...

It was caught on 15 lb main line with Ima jig.

Well this ended our Rompin trip, can't say that it was good but at least we managed to get what we came for. And most importantly, the company was excellent!

The three "Masketeers"

Fishing kakis who can get along well and talk about anything are definitely hard to come by. I hope that the kaki who was left behind can get some consolation from this trip report and didn't feel too depress that she could not join us. Don't worry there will always be next time.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Begin at where it ends

It has been almost 2 years. I shall pick up where it ended. I apologize to all the followers of this blog, sorry to have disappeared and let you all down. I had let the most important person in my life down, she may not be around now, but these were all her efforts. Continuing her legacy is the least I can do to keep on passing the fishing spirit. Something that I had passed to her many years back...

I shall not bored you all with non-fishing related stuffs anymore. To kick start, we will be going to Rompin this coming weekend! Heard that the Chermins are in! Ima jigs, Maria micro jigs, soft lures and some new secret weapons are all in place!

The past CRs during the MIA period will also be compiled and updated later.

Want to know what are the secret weapons for Rompin and how's the catch? Stay tuned fellas!

P/S: in case you are wondering how the salted fish, 酶香咸鱼, tastes like, well it was excellent! Any newbie can cook like a pro with this kind of heavenly ingredient. From frying with vegetables, to fried rice, steaming with meat and cooking soup base, every dish is just simply unforgettable...

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Dear friends

Due to personal reasons, I will not be writing in this blog anymore. Part of the reason being certain major changes that had taken place in my life will cause me to have much much fewer chances to go fishing.

I want to thank all of you who have supported me all along by reading and commenting on my posts. I had actually abandoned this blog, only to find out recently that readers have left comments regarding my whereabouts. If you really want to read more nonsense from me, you can go to 'A small fish in the ocean' in the future.

Hasta la vista!
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